Shop In Person By Appointment

Our retail store is temporarily closed to the public due to the worldwide viral pandemic. You can shop online 24/7 - but if you would like to shop in person, you'll have to make an appointment for a private shopping session. This appointment is for 30 minutes and for one person. If you arrive with friends, we'll have to ask you to take turns coming into the shop one person at a time as that is all our occupancy permit will allow. It's smol baby, real smol!

We take a $25 deposit that will be deducted from your purchase total during your 30 minute shopping session. If you do not make $25 worth of purchases, then thanks for the free money! If you do not make it to your scheduled time, we don't refund the deposit amount. 

You can schedule an appointment below. We require 2 days notice. If none of these times work for you - please email us at and we'll coordinate with you. 

Thanks! We think you're great. Someday the world will be normal again!