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Fourth Annual Grab Bag of Awesome

Regular price $99.00

It's time for the annual Grab Bag of Awesome. We offer up 20 boxes of slightly off, discontinued or just not super popular Ugly Baby goodies each year at a DEEP DEEP - oh god it's so DEEP - discount. This year it's over 75% off. You'll get $400 worth of - not our best work - for just $99 + shipping.

It's a great way to fill in gifts for: 
  • Folks who show up to your holiday event randomly

  • People you kind of like but don't wanna spend a lot of money on

  • All your friends and family if you just don't wanna spend a bunch of dough on the holidays (assuming they are not easily offended - boxes are not X-rated - but they're not G-rated either. We're a nice medium blend of offensive.)

  • People you barely know but wanna know better and impressing them with a gift seems like the way to get there

  • People you want to make uncomfortable because you know they didn't get you a gift - but you don't wanna spend much cheddar on because - like we just said - they didn't get you a gift

It's a race against the clock and it starts now.

First come. First served.

When they're gone - they're totally gone.